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The Dryclone® technology was originally designed to dry animal manure, however, it was quickly discovered that with additional modifications, it could dry multiple other feedstocks. These modifications and additional intellectual property helped evolve the technology into the Dryclone® Air Drying System. Through research and testing, it was determined the drying technology could dry, homogenize, blend, and pulverize hundreds of tons per day.  There is currently no drying system on the market that matches the combination of throughput, simplicity, reliability, and cost per ton of the Dryclone Air Drying System.

The Dryclone Air Drying System is capable of efficiently drying many different materials including municipal solid waste, wastewater treatment sludge, paper sludge, and many other types of agricultural waste. Dryclone systems are currently marketed through authorized distributors all over the world.

Due to the exclusive capabilities of the technology, the Dryclone systems are licensed so the licensees are protected from unauthorized usage and competition. Through licensing, there have been multiple non-exclusive, as well as exclusive licenses sold in multiple different feedstocks and in multiple territories worldwide.

The Dryclone technology is unlocking the potential of various materials as sources of energy by reducing disposal costs and providing options for revenue and savings.

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