Dryclone Configurations

Dryclone TL

One of the benefits of the Dryclone┬« system is that it’s scalable and customizable. For projects requiring larger volumes, the Dryclone system is easily scalable and can be configured to accommodate an unlimited amount of raw material.

Although the standard Dryclone TL configuration is a system capable of processing up to 15 tons (13.5 metric tons) per hour, the Dryclone can also be configured for applications requiring less throughput per hour. The Dryclone can be configured to accommodate extra high moisture applications as well.

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Dryclones 12
Blowers 4
Throughput up to 15 tons/hr
(13.5 metric tons/hr)
  • Dryclone TLX
  • Dryclone SL
  • Dryclone SLX
Dryclone Configuration