Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

Even with today’s sophisticated recycling programs, landfill diversion has tended to stall at around 65%, with organics and moisture content presenting a major challenge. Getting closer to 100% diversion requires new solutions including WTE. Emerging technologies such as gasification and pyrolysis aim to solve the problem, but typically require a drier and more energy-consistent feedstock than the RDF currently produced for incinerators.

Dryclone’s unique pulverizing and blending action, coupled with its superior drying performance optimizes all waste materials for energy recovery. Dryclone’s ability to shear open cell structures and remove internal moisture solves the organic waste disposal problem once and for all. Once the metals and inerts are removed, the Dryclone can create the optimum blend of consistent dryness and energy density, which enables the entire remaining waste stream to be used in gasification and pyrolysis with maximum energy recovery.

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Due to the lower operating temperature of the system, the energy value for applications expecting to create a valuable renewable fuel source remains high.

When dry materials are further converted into more valuable resources, the payback of the Dryclone system can be very quick.

Dryclone Waste to Energy

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